urgent project mgt

Answer the following essay questions. in a Word document. State your answers in your own words, in complete sentences, and give complete answers/explanations with examples where applicable.
1. The Project Management Body of Knowledge published by the Project Management Institute identifies five process groups. Briefly identify and describe each of these five process groups and provide examples of activities that would be performed in each of the process groups. (10 points)
2. Describe the relationship between portfolios, programs, projects and sub-projects. Research a company online and discuss their portfolios, programs and projects (and possibly also sub-projects). In your opinion, does this organization of projects allow them to manage their projects more effectively. Why or why not. (10 points)
3. Describe the relationship between the strategic planning process and project selection in a firm. Be sure to mention company mission and vision statements. What is the mission and vision of the company you researched in answering question #2. (10 points)
4. Describe how the culture of an organization can influence the approach that a project manager takes to plan for a project. Has an organization’s culture influenced the way that you approach your current job or previous job(s)? How? (10 points)
5. Explain the parts of a typical project charter? In your opinion, what are the three most important elements? How will these help you plan your project better? (10 points)
6. List and describe at least four organizational culture characteristics that increase the likelihood of project success and tell why each is helpful. (10 points)

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