Using a Project in an Organization

XYZ Manufacturers (“XYZ”) is a small art supplies manufacturer with a plan to expand its distribution. Currently, the company only distributes in Tampa, FL, but it is contemplating expansion to St. Petersburg, FL, within the next six months.
In the early stages of planning and budgeting, management is considering whether it is necessary to hire an experienced project management professional to accomplish the expansion. However, management is unsure whether the concepts of project management apply to their expansion plans. They have hired you as a consultant to help evaluate the advantages of using project management strategies to accomplish their plans.
For this Assignment, you will be expected to apply the concepts of project managementby developing a rationale for using a project to expand XYZ’s distribution.
Write a 400- to 600-word paper in which you develop an argument for why it would be in the organization’s best interest to develop a project using a project manager to expand distribution. Make sure that your paper addresses the following:

What is the purpose of implementing projects in a business organization?
Address common misconceptions that the company’s management may have regarding the use of a project manager to expand the business.
Explain the advantages of using a project manager to develop a plan for expanding distribution.

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