video comments bid after seeing work

Please watch the following 3 videos and write 10 detailed learning points (bulleted):

 Please write a 1-2 page report consisting of a ten point (1 -10) commentary about the following videos  (one paragraph per video), reflecting the key information you learned and any important impressions you developed. Please post it on this Assignment Board. Each commentary should consist of a few sentences, not phrases or just words. Please note that this assignment will be graded individually (x/10 points) and has a deadline. Collective Feedback will subsequently be posted by the Course Director on the Discussion Board, and this may include further comments, reinforcement or corrections 

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) explained   (5 mins)
The world we want – The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals 
How we can make the world a better place by 2030; Michael Green (15 min)

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