W3 Strategies for decision making

Making Moral Arguments
This week’s lesson covered four different moral theories. In your assignment for this week, you will be working with a group to describe the four moral theories:
Use the following moral theory:

·  Deontology

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W3 Strategies for decision making
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Create a Google Slides document that allows for collaboration across the group.
Each member of the group will be responsible for outlining and explaining one moral theory. Color code your individual contributions using slides with different colored backgrounds.
Your slides should contain at least the following:
·  A description of the moral theory you have chosen.
·  An explanation of the decision-making procedure that it describes.
·  An application of the decision-making procedure to a specific moral issue of practical relevance (e.g. the morality of telling a lie).
·  An evaluation of the merits or demerits of the moral theory. Does it offer a plausible account of right/wrong action? Are there any problems that it faces? What are these problems?
You should be as detailed as possible when putting together your presentation. Your presentation should contain an introductory slide, which should contain the name of the group members and the details of their contributions.
When turning in your presentations, each member of the group will submit the entire group’s final presentation as a single document.
View your assignment rubric.

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