Watch Movie – Response Paper Needed 2

Watch Movie “I, The Worst of All”. (Will provide link if necessary) Write a response paper that answers the following questions. 

According to Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, what were the options for women who had aspirations beyond being a traditional wife in colonial Latin America? And how would issues of class or ethnicity influence a woman’s options in colonial society? How does this relate to our primary source readings?
Why was Sor Juana allowed to enjoy so much freedom during her first years in the convent? And why was she eventually considered such a threat that her beloved books were removed as a punishment?
How does the story of Sor Juana and the primary sources illustrate the construct of hegemony?
Why did Sor Juana finally give up her earthly possessions and writing to serve the dying? Was it because the Church demanded her to do so, because she now saw it as the right thing for her to do as a devoted nun, or because of another reason?
Overall, how would you rate this film as an historical source?

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Watch Movie – Response Paper Needed 2
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