We All Fall Down

Cormier is able to keep the reader engaged and interested throughout the novel, whilst exploring important social issues through a variety of narrative techniques. We all fall down centres on the story of four teenagers who vandalise a house and the effects after the trashing that not only have on the victims but also the trashers themselves, thus Comier is successful in creating a successful novel. Throughout the novel we observe the affect the vandalism has had on Jane Jerome. Through the use of shifting narrative perspective, Cormier allows us the view her thoughts and reactions to the trashing.
After the trashing we learn that “Jane used to love it here” living in Arbour Lane, however the effects of the trashing have left Jane feeling “Ashamed… wanting to hide somewhere, as if she had done something wrong not the culprits, not the invaders. ” The use of shifting narrative perspective shows that as a result of the trashing, everything changes for Jane, making the reader feel sympathetic and upset for Jane. The reader is drawn into the world of the “We all fall down”, interested and impelled to find out how Jane is going to get on with her life with the memories of the trashing, still very fresh in her mind.
Through the highlighted techniques, Cormier has written an interesting novel, that challenges the reader to think beyond the page and explore issues that could be in their lives. We all fall down maintains and engages the reader’s interest throughout not only because of the reader’s expectations of the thriller genre with conflict and tension, but also because Cormier confronts the reader with compelling ideas which challenge and entertain the reader.

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