Week 3 1 to 2 pages

This week our learning was on international trade in goods and services.  We understand that our traditional understanding of making, buying and selling of final goods is inappropriate for learning about our current international trade situation. We see shifts in regional patterns of trade and the importance of trade in services as in integral part of trade in goods.  We also understand how international trade is being transformed by global supply chain and logistical efficiencies.  
We are now in the throes of international trade tensions, tariff retaliations, and uncertainty regarding the outcomes of trade negotiations.  The regions impacted cross all regions of the world, especially those deeply embedded in the global supply chain.  The ripple effects of these trade confrontations have wide-ranging effects beyond the country/region directly involved.  Also, caught in this net of trade conflicts are multinational companies who have built their value chain spanning the globe.
Discuss these matters based on your learning. You can use examples of global supply/value chain of specific companies to assess their thinking on the current trade situation.Do not go to some website and copy and paste. Use your learning this week to apply your analytical skills in order to further your learning.

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