Week 4

 Hide Submission Folder InformationSubmission Folder4-1 Short Paper: New Public ManagementInstructions
This assignment will allow you to apply the principles of New Public Management (NPM) to an area or organization, including program evaluation techniques.

Before you begin this assignment, review Chapter 7 of your textbook, which provides examples of program evaluation. Figure 7.1 gives examples of public sector uses of performance management. Additionally, the Government Accountability Officewebsite and Illinois Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates Task Force report, which was examined in Module Three, will be helpful as you complete this assignment. These are also listed in the additional resources for this module.

Provide an example of how New Public Management (NPM) has worked in your geographical area or in a public sector organization with which you are familiar.
Program evaluation is an important component of New Public Management. Define program evaluation and provide an example.

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