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Week 6 – Assignment 1: Describe Techniques for Resource and Procurement Management
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For this assignment, you will incorporate your professor’s feedback on your project scope, schedule, budget, risk register, and risk matrix and create a project progress report following the outline described in the Signature Assignment specifications in Week 8.
In addition, you will add to this document a draft communications plan to monitor and report project progress. A sample communications plan format is shown below:
Type of Communication
Media (meeting, document, email, presentation)
Table 6.1: Sample Communications Plan
As you have done with other sections of your project plan, prepare a brief summary for your communication plan in which you evaluate the literature relating to managing and leading cross-functional virtual project teams.
Specifically, you will need to address issues relating to continuing interaction with multiple departments, across various reporting lines in an organization, and to external parties. Remember to focus on technology information or innovation projects that typically depend on scarce human resources that are scattered across multiple locations, cultures, and time zones.
Length: 4-6 pages not including the cover page and reference pages. This document does not follow the APA format, for it can be a template or table structure and layout. However, citations must observe APA standards.
References: Support your paper with a minimum of 5 scholarly resources.

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