What does Gregor’s father reveal about the family’s financial status?What is Gregor’s reaction when he learns the truth abut their finances?

i need help on a book that we are supposed to do an essay on its called how to kill a mocking bird
hi im new here i need help on makeing an essay on a book called how to kill a mocking bird as i stated above i am supposed to turn it in tomorrow but my teacher is moving really fast through this subject and its hard to grasp the information and make and essay i have a paragraph but i also need to explain how some people in the book like aruther radley live out side the social circle because there are a few people who can be called a mocking bird like mr. radley, Tom robinson, Mayella Ewell that is all i can think of and we also have to explain a bit about the characters but i am afraid i will not turn it in on time

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