What Ethics of Care in Nursing Means to Me

My definition of Ethic of Care is caring for individuals equally throughout all cultural backgrounds while using a precise fair code of ethics. It is extremely pertinent that ethic of care be implemented into nursing care in order for this to happen we must first understand the meaning of ethics. Ethics is the ideal actions of right and wrong behavior. With that said Ethic of Care should be looked at as a standard of nursing that must be met. When I become a nurse I will implement ethic of care in various ways.
When I am assigned a patient I will be sure that their comfort level is maximized given the situation and most importantly I will communicate in my verbal and no-verbal behavior that the patient is of high importance. I will let the patient know that I will do any and everything in my power to address their situation as unique and in the most caring and respectable manor. Like theorist Leineger, I think that it is important to consider culture when developing a plan of care for the patient. A successful nurse does not address all patients an all cultures the same.
By knowing and staying on top of the most recent research regarding cultural care the nurse increases the chances of a patient having a positive experience as opposed to a negative experience at that specific facility. Another theorist, Watson, demonstrates that care is the single most important component of nursing and everything else revolves around it. As a nurse I plan to use Ethic of Care as the major factor around nursing and use that as the foundation and move forward from there. Without the implementation of Ethic of Care you do not have a “nurse” looking at it from the ideal perspective.

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What Ethics of Care in Nursing Means to Me
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