What is a Strategic Audit? (Short Written Asignment)

 Use this dropbox to turn in the Last assignment Due June 11, 2019 at 11:59 PM.

– Normally, in this class, I require students to prepare a strategic audit of a company. This can run up to fifty pages. But since this is a severely truncated online course, I don’t feel right doing that.
Instead, I want you to prepare a one-page paper telling me your understanding of what a strategic audit is, does, and entails. Do you understand how it pulls together all of the business disciplines you have been studying to achieve a certain end?
I am not looking for a certain number of pages. I want you to write enough to fulfill the assignment — explain what you know. You will NOT get credit for tonnage. I want quality, not quantity.
This assignment shall be completed by June 11, 2019.  This written assignment will be worth 25 points and will be graded according to the SCAN model of writing: 
S – structure – does the introductory paragraph explain what the paper is about, and what the remaining paragraphs will attempt to state or prove?  Are the subsequent paragraphs succinct and functional? 
C – content – were the ideas logically presented? Was there enough detail present?  Was it concrete rather than abstract? 
A – accuracy – spelling, punctuation, format, sentence structure.  If you are not a good – GOOD – writer in English, make certain that you have someone proofread this for you. I will deduct points for spelling, punctuation, improper word usage, and so forth. BE FOREWARNED. I love the English language, and it hurts me to see it mutilated.
N – noteworthiness – does the paper show  that the student understands the concept of a strategic audit and has original thoughts concerning the content? 

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