What is Plagiarism and How to Avoid It

In this video presented in YouTube, the narrator shows the two different forms of plagiarism that occur and presents multiple ways to avoid it. Plagiarism is the act of using someone else’s work and then presenting it as one’s own. Stealing ideas from other sources. The two forms of plagiarism are intentional and unintentional plagiarism.
Both of them can lead to someone receiving the same consequences. The first one is when someone cheats and knowingly copy’s the sources work and does not give credit to the original author. This form includes copying and pasting from websites like Wikipedia, changing some of the vocabulary in the work, asking someone to write your own paper for you or even paying them to do it. One last one is going online and buying essays to turn in which is not smart since so many other people may have purchased the same one as you.
Unintentional is when the student cheats but does it as a result of their lack of skills in many areas and does not understand the idea of plagiarizing well enough yet. This type includes having trouble with writing skills, or finding resources to help them, and also confusing themselves and not properly citing the work used. The consequences can be failure and receiving a 0 on an essay or even expulsion from college.

This resource was helpful in clarifying the two ways of plagiarizing and showing some things to avoid it. For example, to learning the basics to cite and summarize, using the proper tools and citation styles, and also staying organized and checking one’s own sources used in a paper. What this video could’ve done is given a couple clear and understandable examples of plagiarizing and what to do if you think you have done it. Where to get the necessary help and who to reach out to fix the problem.

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