What Is Worth Fighting for?

Jordan Jackson Mrs. Bugg English351 2/15/13 Family Is Worth Fighting For How is family important to you? Family is important because they are our family, they support us in everything we do, they are always there to protect us, they are there to stand up for us, they are always there for us , they will always be our family members and they will always love us. So shouldn’t we fight for them? Some people have a hard time even starting families on their own, some families are going through financial obstacles, but they will always be a family and they will always stick together.
Family is worth fighting for. Families in the military have a hard time adopting children because of the constant moving around all the time whether it is in the states or in a different country. Adoption hasn’t been easy for those families in the military. “The issue of relocation is one of the major problems our families have faced when they are considering adoption, “confirms Al Smith. Families in the military probably have a family but if they want to adopt a child it is going be hard for them.
Many people in the military don’t have time to actually produce kids on they’re own so they want to adopt but it’s hard. Al Smith started a foundation where people in the military can adopt kids without having any issues with traveling. Families who have financial difficulties have trouble providing for their family. Sometimes they have a hard time even putting food on the table. Families with a large amount of children have a hard time supporting their family especially if the parents don’t have a good paying job.

In some families the parents don’t even have a job. One of the biggest causes of financial issues is job loss. Sometimes one of the children or one of the parents get very ill and paying for all the medical bills can put financial stress on a family. Sometimes parents have to have more than one job to provide for they’re family. Even when the kids get old enough to have a job they have to get a job to help provide money for their parents to pay the bills and to help put food on the table. Families even have to go through poverty. Today the poverty rate in the U.
S. is the highest it’s been in 17 years, affecting some 46 million people. The economy is the main reason why the poverty rate is so high. ( Struggling Families Lift Themselves Out Of Poverty. NPR. org ) Families in poverty have nothing but the other people in their families to depend on. Immigrants that come to America to start a new life most likely start out with financial issues and they are in poverty. Maurice Lim Miller started a foundation to help get families out of poverty. This foundation helps the parents of this family to get back on their feet.
They help the families get jobs, they feed the families, they house the families, they give the families clothes to wear. This foundation has helped many families get out of poverty. Some families go through domestic violence and the children have to deal with that for as long as the other parent is willing to deal with the abuse. It affects everybody in the family whether or not they are getting abused or not. It affects the children by having to see and deal with one of their parents or siblings going through that abuse, and sometimes the family has to move away from the place they grew up in to a new place.
It affects the mom or dad by not knowing how to deal with the situation and even if they did know how they would have to move out of their house and leave the person that is the parent of their children. Women that are involved in domestic violence have to go to domestic violence shelters with they’re children. Domestic violence doesn’t have to be actually hitting the other person, it could be taking away the other person’s money. Keeping the money away from the other person can stop that person from paying bills and providing for they’re family.
Family member’s that are going through abuse should be able to go to they’re other family members for advice on how to get out of that situation or for a place to stay to get away from that person abusing them. In conclusion families have to deal with many types of things like poverty, domestic violence, having trouble adopting. At the end of the day they are still a family and they have to push through whatever they are dealing through and be there for each other when they need it the most.
Families have to make it day by day and deal with issues that come up, love each other even when they make wrong choices, be there for the other family member when times get hard and be there for them through the good times. Enjoy the time we have with our family now because life is short. Family is important, how are we willing to fight for them? Works Cited Page Fessler,Pam. “Struggling Families out of Poverty. ” (2012) NPR. org. Web. 7 December 2012. “Obstacles Facing Military Families. ” (2012) military. adoption. com. Web. 7 December 2012.

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