Which Place Do You Prefer to Live?

Which place do you prefer to leave: in a small town or in a big city ? Small towns and big cities both have their good sides. First big cities have unlimited choices of things you can do. There is always a lot to do and visit. Living in a big city is more comfortable because there are cinemas, theaters, museums, shops, malls, lots of restaurants to choose. There are a lot of possibilities of shopping. Secondly the standard of education is also very high in big cities. People have many oportunities and it’s also much easier to find a well paid job.
Teenagers can receive a good education in big cities because universities have different subjects. So, an argument in favour of living in a big city is that students can have more choices for their future careers. In a big city there are many people that you don’t know and you can make many friends comparative to a small town where people always know something about you. Also famous singers or personalities come in big cities so you can meet your favourite singer and take an autograph. Lastly big cities have other conveniences like airports and good hospitals.
I think that to many teenagers big cities are exciting while the small towns are boring. Coming down to me I prefer living in a small town than in a big city because I don’t like noise and crowded places. I stayed in Bucharest for 2 weeks and it was too long for me. I had never ever been so tired than that time. Every night I had heard motorcycles, cars, dogs, horns, people talking very loudly. The first advantage of living in a small town is a healthy life. One of the conditions that helps us to be healthy is good weather and less population that exist in a small town.

Also, in a small town there are less crowded and less traffic. Living in a place with less pollution such as air pollution or sound pollution helps us to have a healthier life and one of the main consequences is less stress and more happiness. In addition, in a small town foods and materials we need are healthier than in big cities. Therefore living in small towns is healthier than in big cities. Secondly, another advantage of small towns is living costs which is cheaper than in big cities.
In particular, in a small town we can live in big houses with beautiful landscapes. Transportation cost is less than in big cities and we have less traffic so that we can save time and money. In conclusion, I prefer to live in a small town and I think it has some advantages such as less stress. In small town people know each other and have better relationships together than big cities therefore, in my opinion, in big cities people feel alone and depress. And it is obvious that people in small town have more happiness and friendships and less illness.

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Which Place Do You Prefer to Live?
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