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For this assignment, you will write a three-page reflective paper, summarizing your learning across the signature assignment (proposal, research, event, and presentation).
The paper should have a distinct introduction and conclusion, and the body of your paper needs to address the following questions/prompts:

Your culture/your views/your beliefs: What did you learn about yourself/your culture in this course and throughout the signature assignment? How has your thinking about your own culture/your views/your beliefs changed (or if not changed, how has your thinking about your culture/views/beliefs been strengthened)? Give examples related to course content. 
Learning about a new culture: From your research and attending your cultural event, what did you learn about this culture? How will you take what you have learned from your research and from the experience of attending the cultural event and apply it you your future career? 
Takeaways: Expand on two concepts from the course that you want to take-way and apply in your own life. How will these take-aways promote respect and appreciation for cultural diversity? 

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This 3-page, reflection paper must be in APA format. 
Note change below for in-text citations:
This paper needs to include a minimum of 3 in-text citations referencing course materials (and at least one of these references needs to be to the course text by Gollnick & Chinn) AND a minimum of 3 in-text citations referencing outside materials (from your own research)… so a minimum of 6 in-text citations.

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