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Throughout my career, I have not had to make many presentations to a large audience.  I do see public speaking as a necessary skill to master.  There is a lot of areas that were identified in the Week 6 resources that I would focus on when making a business presentation.  I think it is important to be yourself and stay positive in speeches.  Baack (2012) states that “The secret to making an effective speech includes finding the level of intensity that maintains interest and engages the audience without boring or alienating people” (Section 10.4, para. 10)  I’ve witnessed speakers in business and even on a personal level in churches talk down to people.  While the topic of a speech may not always be positive, it is important to not lose the message with the audience.  Listeners of a speech that has a pessimistic or demeaning tone, may feel alienated or lose interest in what is being said.  They key here for building rapport is to try and interest the audience in the topic.  I would try to identify a few attention-grabbing subjects to bring up that is related to the major topic.  This could be accomplished with an index card or mobile software that would have the subjects to refer to.  It would also be important to maintain eye contact with the audience the entire time and not read from a script. 
The one speaker that I have found to use effective strategies in presentations would be Barack Obama.  Regardless of the topic or anyone’s political persuasion, I feel that he is able to captivate the audience.  He seems very effective in reaching out to the audience and raising topics that the listeners could identify with.  Obama would not read from a script and would be motivational in his presentations. 
Baack, D. (2012). Management communication. Retrieved from https://ashford.content.edu

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