Work for something

“Hannah Paramour, on keeping Strengths from Running Amok “The New York Time Business Day Bryant starts the article by introducing Hannah Paramour , which is the present of Paramour , the digital Agency . The article then goes in to a series of question asked by Bryant to Paramour, the first question asked was where you In leadership roles when you were younger . Paramour answered the question by saying that if you asked her mother or teacher in high school she would know as being a rebel , but always in charge and that everyone in her family is always willing to take on unreasonable mount of responsibility.
Bryant then followed that question up with asking what Paramour study in college at that time she told him she was a classical- piano major because she had studied the Plano her whole life and that she found out in college that while practicing one thing for three hours a day eight hours a day was something new and was a whole other thing. Paramour felt that it didn’t fit her personality and that she had a certain level of skill but it wasn’t what she really wanted to do and she was going to have to figure how to make money so she never graduated and went right to work.
Bryant then asked what work she did and was told that she had terrible Jobs for the longest time and they all were Just at an entry- level. Paramour said that when she started working for a life Insurance estate- planning she started to get promoted very fast but still wasn’t happy and was getting the work done but aggressive and there was a lot of passive-aggressive going on, and that it felt weird because she kept getting promoted. Paramour says that once dot- comes came along she got an opportunity with a startup cityscapes. Mom and that it was exciting and new and got to try new things. Paramour also says that she learned a lot about transparency and getting people aligned behind a goal and letting them know what’s going on In the organization. At that time she decided to start her own business and that she didn’t have a great business plan but decided being on her own was safer and that she learned she didn’t want to be with any company that want going to deliver what they said they would.

Bryant then asked what Paramour has learned about culture as her company has grown she answered saying by asking have you heard the theory that weakness is a strength taken too far. Then said the best examples would be that they allowed dog In the office and at one point they had nine dogs In the office and at one point she Just had clarity no more dogs. She says you do the little things to build culture in a company but you have to be k with saying something may have went too far.
Bryant then goes on asking about the hiring, interview process and is Paramour could interview somebody in five minutes what she would asked she answer by saying she’s not the best interviewer because she is very optimistic and she tend to project herself on other to try and sell them. But she always goes through the core values and explain how they were written and responsibility.
Paramour then goes on to say if she could interview someone for only five minutes she would ask “how old where you when you got your first Job “the reason she says she would ask this is because she would rather have someone that ad to work all throughout college then someone who got scholarship and right to MBA program then she would ask why they left their old Job Just to see if they told the truth. The last question asked by Bryant was what advice would you give to allege student the answer was get a Job, get started because most people don’t know what their passion is Just starting out.
Paramour ended with that she had ability to see trends and that she was fast at solving problems and that if it wasn’t right they would fix it but it would be fast. After reading this article I can relate to some of what Paramour is saying , with the whole going to college and realizing what you had plan would change I new for me it would be a little harder with going to school working full time and having two small children and everything that they are involved in.
I would of never in a million years think I would change what I was studying until I started to work in the medical field and realized that’s it not what I wanted to do the rest of my life so I switched to something I knew I enjoyed doing when I worked for a big retail company and that was getting to know the business and human resource of the company. I also like how the culture was built with the company do think it’s a little crazy to have dogs in an office let alone nine of them I could see where this could go wrong and could cause a bad work environment.
I also had to do interviews when worked for target UT there was a guild line that we had to go by and I don’t think it allowed us to get clear picture of the employee seeking work and I think being direct and straight forward would give you and the employee to have a chance to be honesty with one another and me personal I would rather have an honesty employee over someone that is Just going to tell me what I want to hear.
I like the fact that Bryant asked if you only have five minutes what question would you ask in an interview and that Paramour said she would ask how hold the person was when the got there first Job, cause to me it shows a level of determination and responsibility and a lot about a person and that they have goals set for their self and everything wasn’t handed to them.
I do agree with the advice Paramour gives at the end of the article and that was to get a Job and get started, because I can say when I was 18-19 1 thought I know what I wanted to do in life but have problem changes my mind about 100 times before I really knew what it was that I wanted to do and what goals to have set for myself.
Even to this day I have goals that I have not meet that I have set for myself but that isn’t mean I’m not still working towards them or that I don’t think I can do it also the harder you have to work for something the better work you will do and the more you appreciate things more in life and the better you will be at seeing your full potently and reaching your goal out of life. After reading this article/ interview I was able to take away that its k to change your mind and to make decision based on what’s going to make you happy and to make goals and to Just go for it because you never know what the outcome could be.
Also that as long as you can make a decision even if it was wrong as long as you made it fast and could fix it that it wasn’t a big because it shows that things change in life and as long as you can either go with it or adapt to the change and then realize what’s best for you in the long run then go with it cause the outcome could be so rewarding in the end or even be a better one. I feel as this article relates to this class because it talks about her leadership, the culture she built into the company as well as her hiring technique as a manager as well what are some of e important question to ask in an interview .

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