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Chapter 11:
4 I think that the order for resistance to change from factory workers would be as follows, from least to most resistance: Structure, culture, and production methods. Production methods would have the most impact on the factory workers direct job and so I think if they were not on board with changes, this would cause the most resistance. Culture has an impact, but might be a bit more subtle and might not get as much resistance as a process change. Although structural change might affect the workers more than they realize, I do not think that there would be much direct resistance to this change. I think the best way to fight resistance is through communication and participation. “Early and extensive participation in a change should be part of implementation. Participation gives those involved a sense of control over the change activity” (Daft, 2016, p. 451).
7 An easy answer to this question is that often managers overlook the resources needed to help make the change that is desired. I think that more often than not, managers forget to include to involve the employees that the changes will impact and that can lead to failure if not handled correctly. Also, I think that many times managers could skip the implementation step. I have been involved with conversations at work where great ideas are discussed, but never implemented. 
8 Organizational development focuses on the human aspect of the organization and I think that is easier to get the employees to buy in to changes being made. When top management is conveying to the employees that they are part of the change and an important piece of the organization, then the employees will react well and be more willing to be productive and innovative. 
10 I think that psychological safety and communication and training are useful at the beginning of the curve. Things are going well and people will be on board to learn and get things done. I think that top management support and participation and involvement are needed through the decline form difficulty and complexity into the despair phases of the curve. Again this could be a place to emphasize psychological safety as well. Finally, I think that alignment with needs and goals is important to get out of the despair section and move along into the light at the end of the tunnel phase. 
Daft, R. L. (2016). Organization theory & design (12 ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

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