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For this essay you will read additional authors writing on the same topic. At times, these authors make the case for positive points (how technology can benefit education, etc.); others you will read tend to point out some serious problems concerning the use of technology in education.

    Now you will respond (“I Say”) to many of these thoughts the authors have proposed (the “They Say” or ongoing conversations on this topic).  Your essay will have a thesis that the rest of the essay will support, and the body of the essay will respond to, and argue using, the ideas and positions of at least three of the authors we have read.  Note: the assignment is not asking for your opinion on this topic in isolation—you are expected to grapple with the ideas of the writers, finding agreement (noting how they contribute to your argument while adding to what they have said) or disagreement (with persuasive reasons why you disagree), or perhaps some of both.  It will be important to anticipate objections to your position (planting “naysayers”), to consider and / or rebut counterarguments.

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