Yelp Review

Choose a business you’re familiar with and prepare three responses to Yelp posts; you are responding as a representative of the business being yelped. Pick one favorable review, one negative review, and the third is your choice.  Copy & paste the review’s you’re responding to into a Word document and upload it with your responses.

Restaurant “Boiling Hot Pot”
Customer Mutlu T. Date 10/20/2017
comment : This is our fav hot pot spot the food is always fresh and tasty, besides their meat selection they also have lots of veggie options. Great service. $10 all you can drink is kinda dangerous. Wait may be somewhere 45+ mins but def worth it. Check it out.

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Yelp Review
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the negative review
Customer: Lorenzon  M. Date 7/7/2017
comment: Very long waiting time (~2hours), food of not good quality, bad service, extremely strict leftover policy. There are lots of good hot pot places in town so don’t waste your time and money on this one.

Customer : Caitlin P.  Date 10/10/2017
comment: We had a really fun experience at this hot pot restaurant! We went on a Friday night and paid $30 each for 4 different broths, and unlimited meats, fish, vegetables, tofu etc. We also paid $10 each for unlimited beer and sake. The service was attentive and fantastic. I can’t wait to go back.

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