Youth Problems

Youth nowadays love to spend their times by playing games than study without knowing that this activity will affect them. It is believed that games are affecting youth today. In what extent do you agree or disagree. We have to come to the world where technology does matter . Even in our daily life, it is doubtful that one could survive without having technologies to assist them . Teenagers usually always misuse the usage of technologies such as wasting most of their by playing games and surfing the internet. It is strongly agreed that games are affecting youth today as it will causes addiction and wastes times, money and energy.
It is true that by playing games will make us become addicted if there is no control from parents. Teenagers are usually more interested to play games rather than to study when they have free time. Such condition is the prime factor which contributes to addiction and may affect their studies. This addiction also will lead to some illness such as back pain and eyestrain when there is too much time is spent on the games. Therefore, we should have self-conscious in controlling the usage of technologies. Besides that, too much obsession in playing games will waste time, money and energy.
Usually, teenagers who don’t have computer at home will go to the cyber cafe to play games. Thus, too much time consumed for an activity does not bring any profit is a waste. Plus, many works cannot be done if most of the time is spent on playing games. Therefore, teenagers are advised to use their time wisely by spending on other beneficial activities As a conclusion, it is pertinent to note that games bring many disadvantages because it will cause obsession and wastage. It is hoped that parents can be more alert in monitoring their children’s activities. Teenagers especially should choose their friends wisely.

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