Milestone 1: Organization Proposal
Select an organization with which you are familiar or regularly do business, such as a retailer, online business, pharmacy chain, medical facility, supermarket, wholesale retailer, etc. You may select the organization you work for as long as no sensitive or proprietary information is made public. By the end of Module 1, you must submit a one-paragraph proposal that introduces the organization you have selected to analyze and why you think this is a good match for this project.
The purpose of this project is to demonstrate that you have gained a solid understanding of key concepts covered by this course. For that reason, you should dedicate enough time to research an organization for which you are confident there is enough information available to cover all project requirements and Portfolio Project Milestones. As such, Milestone 1 is very important, and you must review the requirements outlined in Milestones 2 and 3 before finalizing your selection. 
Your Milestone 1 must be written according to the APA to include a cover page and the one-paragraph proposal. Review the Milestone Rubric in the Module 1 folder for specific grading criteria.

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